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Tobias Norrfors joins Unboxx as partner

Entrepreneur and business developer Tobias Norrfors joins as a partner in Unboxx.

“I am impressed by their work,” says Norrfors. “Unboxx has made a big impression on the startup scene, mainly in Skellefteå, so I did not hesitate when I got the chance to get on board.”

Tobias Norrfors brings vast business experience. He has worked 15 years in IT as a product and business developer, mainly with refining digital solutions. He also runs several of his own companies and has several board assignments.

“I have always looked at the startup world that has been around me and it feels very exciting to be able to help companies at the beginning of their journey. I want to contribute to growth, sustainable and profitable companies,” says Tobias Norrfors.

The business community in northern Sweden is currently characterized by a high rate of innovation and several tech industries have taken great strides in recent times.

“From my perspective, I see a ever-widening palette of companies with skilled entrepreneurs at the helm,” says Tobias Norrfors. “Previously, the companies worked step by step to conquer market by market, but today they work directly towards a global market with the help of venture capital and here we have a great opportunity to help them move forward.”

Unboxx CEO Anders Tånger adds: “We are happy to have Tobias on board as a partner. His expertise and experience will be a great asset for Unboxx and help us take new steps on our journey.”


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