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Test sleep a premium bed from Videung in The Wood Hotel's suite

Unboxx portfolio company Videung recently launched its groundbreaking bed concept. To give everyone the chance to experience the bed, which is often compared to a floating sensation, you can now test it in the suite at one of the world's tallest wooden buildings, The Wood Hotel in Skellefteå. If you decide to buy your own Videung bed, the sum for the hotel night will be deducted from your purchase.

The Skellefteå-based bedding company Videung is imbued with a strong focus on

sustainability and minimising environmental impact. Therefore, the company preferably works with local producers and natural materials. Their premium bed is now set up in the suite at the climate-neutral The Wood Hotel in Skellefteå, and the choice of location is no coincidence. The 80 metre high hotel is located in one of the world's tallest wooden buildings. Here, local raw materials, recycling and renewable energy are a matter of course.

– As we continuously work to find local, sustainable producers for the needs we have, a

collaboration with Videung was a natural step. That the bed is one of the most comfortable

and of highest quality is of course a big plus, says David Åberg, hotel director at The Wood


About a third of the average person's life is spent sleeping. Therefore, the quality of your

sleep and bed has a big impact on your wellbeing.

– Our goal is to get as close to the ultimate sleeping experience as possible - the feeling of

complete weightlessness. That's why we use the very best material available - natural latex.

It is a completely natural substance from the rubber tree, which forms optimally and also

returns to its original shape like no other natural material. You should be able to sleep

extremely comfortably, but also know that you are sleeping on sustainable and non-toxic materials. Most people who try our bed report how well they sleep in it, and how it moulds to the body, regardless of sleeping position. And as a resident of Skellefteå, it is fantastic to see the great interest in the city and I’m excited to offer this to the guests at the Wood Hotel, says Patrik Sandhu Wilén, founder and CEO of Videung.

Videung premium beds are transforming the bedding market with the most durable

mattresses available, with an estimated lifespan of 25-40 years. They contain mostly natural

materials such as wool, linen, natural latex from the rubber tree and FSC-labelled spruce. In addition, they are built up in modules, which means that you never have to throw away the whole bed, but can replace parts if you need to.

Read more about the offer at (Valid until 15 January 2023)


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