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Photon Sports signs agreement with Belgian football club KRC Genk

Our partner Photon Sports is definitely getting the ball rolling. They will now help the Belgian football stars in KRC Genk to measure and develop their physical abilities. The agreement is valid for three years and represents Photon Sports' first assignment outside of Scandinavia.

– We look forward to working together with Photon Sports. Their system will be a valuable support in our ambition to continue strengthening our players’ physical abilities. We will be able to continuously monitor and evaluate each player in more detail and with better consistency, said Bram Swinnen, High Performance Coach at KRC Genk.

Photon Sports has received attention for its system that helps athletes measure and evaluate their physical abilities. With 3D cameras and advanced sensor technology, speed, power and explosiveness are measured and give athletes a base for development. The equipment is simpler, better and more cost-effective than comparable products on the market. It also creates unique opportunities to follow and measure movements that were previously not possible.

– I am, of course, very happy about the collaboration. KRC Genk is known for their successful and methodical work with player development. In addition, it’s Photon Sports' first step in a wider establishment in Europe and a milestone in our ambition to develop the next generation of physical tests, said Anders Tånger, CEO of Photon Sports. The system can be used in all team sports, but Photon Sports has initially chosen to focus on football clubs. After launching last spring, they quickly became successful and current users include all teams in the OBOS Women's League, as well as men's teams in the highest leagues in both Sweden and Norway.

KRC Genk is one of the most established and successful clubs in Belgium, with three league wins in the last decade. They are also known for their ability to develop talent and have nurtured several globally renowned football stars, with Kevin De Bruyne being one of the most famous.

Michael Almebäck, Customer Service at Photon Sports, is a former professional football player with, among others, Belgian Club Brugge as a previous club. He has closely followed KRC Genk's successful work and sees how Photon Sports' system can help them develop further.

– As a former football player, I understand the importance of developing speed linked to acceleration and deceleration regarding sprints and change of directions. But it can be difficult to measure the results easily over time. Photon Sports makes a real difference by offering a simple and mobile solution that doesn’t take a lot of time. The whole team can run tests on the field in connection with regular training and it only takes a few minutes instead of an entire session, said Michael Almebäck.

In addition to Michael Almebäck, Swedish football legend Hanna Marklund is also involved in the company, both operationally and as a co-owner. After a completed investment round in the spring of 2022, Photon Sports is currently owned by Pulsen Group, Treac, Partnerinvest, Unboxx and Hanna Marklund. The company has offices in Skellefteå and Umeå, both in northern Sweden.


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