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OBOS Damallsvenskan optimises training with Photon Sports' technology

The association of women’s elite football in Sweden, Elitfotboll Dam, is making a strategic investment in new technology used to measure the players' physical performance. This means that new testing equipment is made available to all teams in the highest division of women’s football in Sweden, OBOS Damallsvenskan.

“The technology makes it easy and efficient to perform relevant tests in connection with training and matches. This makes it possible to optimise the training conditions for our elite teams and make them stronger and more competitive, in both the short and the long term”, says Stefan Alvén, sports manager at Elitfotboll Dam.

Measuring and following up on players' physical status is crucial to optimise training programs and rehabilitation processes. Many elite clubs have requested a more accessible solution for these tests. Photon Sports therefore offers its test equipment to the teams in the OBOS Damallsvenskan for one year. Using the latest in sensor technology and 3D cameras, factors such as speed, reaction time, and explosiveness of football players are measured, and Hanna Marklund, one of Photon Sports' co-owners, believes that the technology will change the way football players train:

“By making it available to all clubs in OBOS Damallsvenskan, we will be able to collect a continuous and reliable basis for studies, and in that way further strengthen the clubs. Dense data points will form the basis for development at both group and individual levels, and the clubs will receive proof of which physical training really pays off. This way, they can optimise both training programs and injury prevention work”, she says.

Elitfotboll Dam is an organisation for clubs in OBOS Damallsvenskan and the Elitettan, the two highest leagues in Swedish women's elite football. They work to develop elite football, create conditions for young girls to play football on equal terms, and have leagues with world-class teams. The OBOS Damallsvenskan is considered one of the world's best women's football leagues, where several Swedish and foreign national team players play.

“We are happy about the opportunity to be involved in developing Swedish football and OBOS Damallsvenskan, whose organisations have high ambitions. We want to help create better conditions and make them even more competitive. In the first stage, the equipment is made available to the clubs in OBOS Damallsvenskan. Our next ambition is to reach out to grassroot football”, says Hanna Marklund.


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