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Photon Sports: Chosen by Swedish Champions

Photon Sports is off to a flying start after launching a technology that measures athletes' physical performance. FC Rosengård, the latest Swedish champion, is the first club to adopt the technology.

“The club is a swedish dream customer. Helping them take the next step in their development is an exciting opportunity for us”, says Hanna Marklund, one of the owners.

"The system will radically change the game", says Henrik Kackur, from FC Rosengård's fitness team.

FC Rosengård recently won home the OBOS Damallsvenska Championship and the Malmö club has long been a force to be reckoned with, with twelve Swedish Championship titles. It’s a sizable club both on the side of women’s and men’s football that is now investing in the product. They also has a trailblazing youth initiative.

“Now we are up and running and there is great interest in our technology,” says Hanna Marklund. “The development process to get where we are today has been thorough and we are ready to be the first-hand choice for clubs like FC Rosengård, who have high ambitions and want to give their players the best opportunities to develop”, says Hanna Marklund.

Photon Sports is collaborating with incubator Unboxx on the launch. Former football professional Hanna Marklund, now an expert commentator on television, is also one of the owners of Unboxx.

The FC Rosengård's fitness team welcomes the club's investment in the performance of its players and in taking their physical abilities to the next level.

“Working with Photon Sports is both fun and motivating since this system radically changes how we run fitness tests. In the past, it was complicated and time-consuming to prepare and test players. But now, with this technology, we have everything up and running in just a few minutes, which enables us to test the entire squad in 10 minutes”, says Henrik Kackur.

With the help of the latest in sensor and 3D cameras technology, Photon Sports' measures factors such as speed, reaction time and the explosion of football players.

"Measuring athletes while they're in motion and generating relevant data from that will change the way football players train", says FC Rosengård's fitness team.

“We strongly believe in this technology, and our club wants to be a pioneer in using this product.” I’ve long wanted a good solution to run tests while changing the player’s directions, but it hasn’t been easy so far. Photon Sports' simplicity means we can run tests more often, thus generating a reliable "baseline" of our players. "Another advantage of this technology is that we can link this data to the player's rehabilitation to understand at which levels the player needs to be", says Henrik Kackur.

Photon Sports strives to work closely with its customers, and with Rosengård's choice of subscription, they can hand over everything related to software and updates to Photon Sports.

“We want to help clubs optimize their ability to concentrate on the data they receive.” "We will continue to work hard to build on the technology, adding different elements to attend to football's demands", says Hanna Marklund.


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