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Hanna Marklund invests in Photon Sports

Former professional football player Hanna Marklund invests in Photon Sports and also joins the board. The startup company has developed the world’s first easy-to-use all-in-one system for analysis of speed, force and power in athletes.

“The product is very exciting with great potential and I look forward to contribute with my experience as an athlete, but also to be involved in business and culture development”, says Hanna.

A picture of Hanna Marklund, a blonde, smiling, woman in red jacket
Hanna Marklund

Photon Sports has already drawn attention for its product which measures 3d-positions in moving bodies. The system gives instant feedback to optimize speed training primarily for football players in the first stage.

In May 2020, Photon Sports joined incubator Unboxx which is run by Hanna Marklund, among others. Now she is stepping in as investor and board-member of the company:

”I really believe in this product. Apart from developing a profitable company, I hope we will over time contribute to increasing the availability of quality tests for football players at various levels. It is important that even small clubs have the opportunity to frequently test to prevent injuries and optimize. Our product is as much about injury prevention at the youth level as it is about developing the optimal movement in football players at the elite level”, says Hanna. The CEO of Photon Sports Jonas Sjöberg, who is to be seen as one of Europe’s most experienced experts in the field of optical system development, is happy to see Hanna join the team: "Apart from the fact that Hanna is a great person, she also comes with a highly relevant background as a player and leader in football. She has remarkable expertise and access to a network that is important for us. I look forward to work with Hanna. Her commitment strengthens us ahead of the launch planned for next year”, says Jonas.


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