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Unboxx partners with digital food wholesaler in Spain

Unboxx has for the first time entered as a partner in an international company. Biribox is a completely digital wholesaler from Spain that sells quality Italian ingredients to restaurants and shops. “Biribox is breaking new ground in an industry where analog systems still dominate,” says Viktor Lundgren at Unboxx. “The thought of ​​being the first in Spain when it comes to being completely digital in this industry is very appealing to us.”

Roberto and Emilie Losito

Biribox's business concept is to simplify everyday life for restaurants and smaller stores that sell premium products in food. They offer the opportunity to order goods at any time of day, instead of being dependent on the business hours of suppliers. The company was founded by Emilie and Roberto Losito, and with Roberto's background from an Italian wholesale family who created many classical food products it comes naturally to focus on Italian ingredients of the highest quality. Unboxx joins Biribox as a partner and, in addition to investing funds, also invests resources in the company.

“We see a very bright future in Biribox and our initial work will focus on enhancing the brand identity. We will also work actively with digital marketing aimed at restaurants and smaller food and delicatessens,” says Viktor Lundgren.

Viktor Lundgren

In the short term, Unboxx will bring expertise in the brand building and marketing. Viktor Lundgren explains:

“Looking forward, we will also be a good partner for Biribox when it comes to strategic choices, with our previous experience of expansion in other markets,” Lundgren says but cautions: “This should not be interpreted as the start of a growing international venture at Unboxx. Our heart remains in Sweden and Västerbotten. This it is an exciting chapter and we will see how we can launch Biribox in Sweden and Scandinavia, because we believe that the target groups here would love many of their products.”

At Biribox, the management is equally positive over the fact that Unboxx now steps in as a partner in the company, as it provides access to competences that are important for the future development.

“We feel that the collaboration will be successful, as it is two parties that complement each other. We have the experience in logistics, food trade and customer care, while Unboxx has extensive knowledge in both the tactical and strategic aspects of marketing communication. They will also help us to develop our website and find the right channels to reach our customers, which will be crucial to achieve our goals. At first, we will focus on the Spanish market, but within just a few years we also want to approach the Portuguese and French markets,” says Emilie Losito at Biribox.


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