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Unboxx launches new services

Unboxx expands their offer with two new services: Scope and Venture Building.

With new recruitments and company acquisitions, Unboxx has strengthened the team with exactly the required skills for this upshift.

“For the right idea or invention, we are ready to make financial investments in addition to investing our time and competence”, says Anders Tånger, CEO of Unboxx.

Unboxx total offer of services
Unboxx now offers four services. Scope, Incubation, Acceleration and Venture Building.

Previously, Unboxx services have included the successful programmes Incubator and Accelerator, with the former focusing on building market leading companies from scratch and the latter aiming to accelerate the growth for companies with a clear proof of concept already in place. The offer is now complemented with two brand new services, which means that Unboxx can give valuable help both in an earlier phase than before and in a later phase as a financial investor and partner.

Early-stage coaching with Scope

With Scope, Unboxx offers early-stage coaching to analyse ideas and inventions, to see if there are strong enough arguments to go commercial. The program is offered in collaboration with LTU Business and resulting in a thorough evaluation of the prospects for commercializing. “With Scope, we see great advantages in being able to come in early and let our experts identify the possibilities. For us, this is a natural addition to our existing programmes”, says Anders Tånger.

Venture Building includes financial investments

The other addition to the services is Venture Building, a tailored Unboxx programme including a financial investment in the company.

“We can finance companies, either fully or partly, when we see long-term potential to be strengthened by our competence. We want to partner with the entrepreneurs and every decision is based on what’s best for the company, both in order to accelerate growth and to maximise the commercial opportunities”, says Anders Tånger.

A team perfectly suited for commercial success

One important explanation to why Unboxx chose to expand the company’s services with Scope and Venture Building, is the development within the organisation. Newly recruited team members, the acquisitions of other companies and the competence level of the organisation is perfectly suited for the additional programmes.

“We have strengthened the team with a number of skilful members, both in market strategy, digital analysis and other areas. Also, we will be looking into the possibility of developing inhouse ideas and build our own companies from scratch”, says Anders Tånger.


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