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The Skellefteå company is growing - opening in Piteå

Book and pay digitally - pick up with a code. The Skellefteå company Inte min släpvagn has grown to five depots in the hometown and is now opening its first depot in Piteå.

“We have doubled the number of rentals from month to month during the spring. We are now looking for more places for depots in Piteå, Luleå and Umeå,” says Joel Norrfors, co-owner of Inte min släpvagn.

Now you can quickly and easily book and pay for trailer rental in Piteå via the digital service Inte min släpvagn. The company has opened its first Piteå depot in Öjebyn, with the ambition of opening another 3-4 depots around Piteå in 2022. “It is important that our depots are located where people live and move, the entire offer is based on it being easy, fast and flexible to book and pick up a trailer when you need it,” says Joel Norrfors. The service means that the customer via easily selects the trailer, books the time and place, pays and then picks up the trailer with a code. In the hometown of Skellefteå, the business has quickly grown to five depots and the company is now looking for new places for rental depots to establish the business in Luleå and Umeå as well. “Inte min släpvagn has doubled the number of rental opportunities from month to month during the spring, so we notice that we have hit the right note,” says Joel Norrfors. Inte min släpvagn was started in April 2021 by the sibling trio Emma, Joel and Tobias Norrfors and their father Bengt. The family runs the real estate company Hembygdsfastigheter in Skellefteå and has a constant need for trailers. When they were going to buy a trailer, they were instead offered to buy an entire trailer rental business. “We quickly understood that we would need to make the business more efficient and easier and developed a digital solution where the customer can handle the entire purchase and rental process,” says Joel Norrfors. Joel Norrfors believes that many will opt out of owning their own trailer if the rental process becomes easier. By investing in a digital solution and many small unmanned rental depots, Inte min släpvagn gets closer to the customer - and reduces the need for your own trailer. “In the Skellefteå region alone, there are somewhere around 15,000 registered trailers that are unused almost all the time, it is not sustainable from any perspective.”


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