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Tech company with great potential joins Unboxx

Unboxx continues to find exciting companies to invest in. Inte min släpvagn AB, which launched a digital platform this spring, is the latest addition. To reach the next step, they join the Unboxx’s venture building program.

“We have already got off to a good start together and we strongly believe in the business which is a more environmentally friendly alternative based on sharing economy”, says Anders Tånger, CEO of Unboxx.

Two men standing in front of a trailer
Anders Tånger and Joel Norrfors

The service Inte min släpvagn (Not my trailer) is based on a fast and flexible digital booking solution when you need a trailer but do not want to own it. The trailer can be picked up directly in strategically located depots around Skellefteå, but the potential is much greater than that. Anders Tånger sees great opportunities to offer a sustainable solution for a growing number of users and therefore Unboxx invests by complementing the current team and adding appropriate skills with a focus on expansion.

“I see no limits to how big this service can be,” says Anders. “It is the digital platform that is most interesting – they have modernized an old traditional business and given it a completely new interface that benefits both the user, the environment and the purpose. It really is a way to democratize the supply of trailers. As a private individual, you no longer need to own a trailer. There also no longer needs to be a petrol station where you have to stand in the sausage queue twice to rent and leave a trailer.”

Joel Norrfors is one of the founders of Not My Trailer and explains why they choose to step into the Unboxx family:

“We think big! In recent months, we have successfully tested our platform and seen the good reception it has received from users. Therefore, we feel ready for the next step to grow into new markets, and we do this best in collaboration with Unboxx's know-how and experience.”

Both parties are thinking long-term with the investment that will continue to be based on the easy and accessible to keep competitive prices to the users.

“In our venture building program, we have a large commitment where we invest both resources and capital on an idea and an organization that we strongly believe in. The drive still comes from the founders, but Unboxx will help realize their vision,” says Anders.


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