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Sustainable sleep company joins Unboxx

The latest addition to the Unboxx portfolio of promising companies is Videung, a bed manufacturer with a business model built on e-commerce, sustainability and customer value excellence.

“We’re excited to join Unboxx and look forward to teaming with them in building a solid and growing business in the bed segment,” says Patrik Sandhu Wilén, CEO at Videung. “We believe we can disrupt furniture retail on a big scale.”

Patrik Sandhu Wilén
Patrik Sandhu Wilén, CEO, Videung.

Videung, a digital spinoff from Byske Möbler, will initiate a soft launch of their first bed in the coming months and aims to make a larger splash in the latter parts of the year.

“Unboxx has really challenged us to think big. We know what it takes to sell a bed on the Swedish market, but now we’re looking much further than just our home market for our launch,” says Sandhu Wilén. “But in order to be successful on a bigger market, everything needs to be in place. From high quality production and the right network of suppliers to a stand-out customer service.”

Preparing for the launch, Videung and Unboxx has identified key features in order to reach their target audiences and serve them at the high standards they require. During their thorough research, they also discovered how their holistic focus on sustainability is a unique selling point.

”I visited several production facilities around Europe and learned all about how beds are built from the ground up. What I found was that the industry generally do not take sustainability seriously. We hope to inspire big brands and industry leaders to walk this road together with us. For one thing, we have identified where we can replace many materials with more environmentally friendly alternatives and also how to use a module-based approach which allows each sustainable material used in the bed to be used through its entire life cycle. After many years of providing value, it can then be recycled” says Sandhu Wilén. “That significantly reduces the carbon footprint and every owner of a Videung can rest comfortably in that they have made a choice that help take good care of their sleep and at the same time our planet.”

Videung builds their bed frames with wood from the surrounding area in northern Sweden, sustainably grown and with minimal needs for transport. Every layer in the bed is also either sourced from nature or recycled. But sustainability alone is not enough to sell a bed – it also needs to be best for our future sleepers and designed in a way that attracts them.

“The product will draw the attention of the market based on its design. And when they feel the levitating comfort and learn what we stand for, it will set us apart from the competition,” concludes Patrik Sandhu Wilén.


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