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Rail Test Nordic continues investment in train test track

Rail Test Nordic resumes full control of the project to establish a track for train tests between Arvidsjaur and Jörn. The development is a result of Skanska’s announcement that they are cancelling their efforts in the project.

Train in winter landscape
Photo: Beshir Kaddesh, Unsplash.

“We look forward to realizing the project according to plan,” says Magnus Tjernström at Rail Test Nordic. “Since 2013, we have added knowledge and networks with key stakeholders. We are confident that there is a strong demand in the train industry for this type of test track.”

Rail Test Nordic is the initiator of the test track and has worked on preparations and development with a view to realizing the project since 2013. In January, an important milestone was reached when the Swedish government decided not to address an appeal of the Swedish Transport Administration's decision to allow the continuation of the train test track.

“The decision in January means that the realization of the course does not face any regulatory or political obstacles,” says Magnus Tjernström. “Paired with the long-term commitments and the signals we receive from the train test industry, this means that the project is, in our opinion, more interesting and stronger than ever before.”

The train test track will be one of Europe’s best for railway-based traffic and components. Its geographical location makes it ideal for testing purposes with a 75-kilometer test track specialized in winter climate and high-speed testing.

“Disruptions are common in train traffic and the need for tests and verification of railway equipment is increasing,” says Magnus Tjernström. “The course is a unique opportunity to carry out tests in real environments in a way that is not possible today.”


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