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Photon Sports recruits elite footballer Juliana Los

We at Unboxx are happy to announce that elite football player Juliana Los is joining the Photon Sports team, working with Customer Experience and Sales and Support.

– I’m excited about helping athletes, and it’s really fun to be a part of this journey, says Juliana.

Juliana smiling.
Juliana Los, Photon Sports. (Photo: Patrick Degerman)

Juliana Los was born in London and has grown up in New Zealand. She recently joined Skellefteå’s premier women’s football team Sunnanå SK, where she is a technically skilled midfielder. Her perspective as an elite player will be a major contribution to the Photon Sports team.

– I have been playing football most of my life, and I’ve worked to train my body towards peak performance. A lot of my training has been based on assumptions, and not on real data regarding my own physical capabilities. When I met Anders at Photon Sports, and he explained to me what they were able to do – provide data for decision making – I jumped at the opportunity to be involved, says Juliana.

Photon Sports is a part of the Unboxx family. The product, a 3D solution due to be launched later this year, enables faster, easier and mobile performance tracking of speed, agility and quickness to optimize training for soccer teams.

Juliana feels strongly about the possibilities the future holds for the company.

– The more I interact with the product and the people behind it, I’m more and more convinced: The sky is the limit! Our logo is a star – the north star we are heading towards. We can help data become available to athletes and teams, and the possibilities are limitless, says Juliana.

Here at Unboxx, we would like to give a warm welcome to Juliana and wish her all the best in her new job!


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