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Photon Sports - our first member

We are delighted to announce that Photon Sports has joined as the first member of our incubator programme.

Photon Sports have developed the world’s first easy-to-use all-in-one system for analysis of speed, force and power in athletes. It’s a high-tech optical 3D solution integrated into a camera with display which is  protected by patent. The solution has the potential to disrupt the growing sports tech industry market and set the standard for this type of tools. 

The Founder and CEO Jonas Sjöberg is one of Europe’s leading experts in optical system design with 25 years of experience developing advanced optical systems for the Swedish and European industry. He’s been a part of the development of 3D-cameras, Lidar and 3D measuring technology at several high-tech companies such as Veoneer, Autoliv, Fotonic, Sony Ericsson, Optronic and Adopticum.

We are very impressed by Photon Sports achievements so far and are looking forward to contributing on their expansion journey. It’s a true pleasure to have Jonas Sjöberg with team onboard as colleagues!

See Closer presentation and updates will follow.


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