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Photon Sports nears launch

We can now share that Photon Sports have agreed to terms with a production partner for their technical solution. The partner is Optronic, a leader in optical sensor development and manufacturing.

With help from the latest in sensor technology and 3D cameras, Photon Sports’ solution measures factors like speed, reaction time and explosiveness in the football players. At Unboxx, we are in close cooperation with Photon Sports in both product development and heading down the road for a launch with the target of reaching an industrialized solution for the football industry.

The measurement of people in motion and the extraction of relevant data will revolutionize the daily routine of football players on all levels. In short: with help from Photon Sports, training can be optimized.

The cutting-edge technology demands high standards throughout the production chain and therefore we’re confident that Optronic is up to the task, as we are getting ready to scale up.

With the deal in place, Photon Sports can concentrate on launching and together with the Unboxx team focus on market development.


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