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Photon Sports is growing - acquires cutting-edge expertise

Photon Sports, one of Unboxx's incubator companies, has recruited additional cutting-edge expertise. Folke Vesterlund, development engineer and Christofer Ryås, software tech lead are joining the team.

”It is an important step to strengthen the core competence in the company and build on our unique technology in the long term,” says Jonas Sjöberg, CEO.

Christofer Ryås and Folke Vesterlund
Christofer Ryås and Folke Vesterlund

Both Folke and Christofer are familiar with Photon Sports, after completing their degree projects at the company. Since then, they have worked elsewhere in the tech industry and are now returning with additional knowledge.

“It feels great that we have the opportunity to take this step together with Folke and Christofer,” says Jonas. “We know what they stand for and that they possess exactly the skills that will enable us to take the next step with our product. A lot is happening right now and in the short term more resources are also important as we approach the launch. At the same time we are very excited about continuing to perfect the technology in the long term, says Jonas.

Photon Sports is collaborating with Unboxx on the launch. Former football professional Hanna Marklund, now an expert commentator on television and one of the owners of Unboxx, will assist with valuable expertise to introduce the product to the market.

Photon Sports has developed a solution that measures qualities such as speed, reaction time and explosiveness using sensor technology and 3D cameras. Initially, it will be launched for the football industry.

“The interest in our technology solution is growing all the time, many see the benefit in technology and wonder why this has not existed before,” says Jonas. “We offer quick feedback and analysis in a user-friendly system. In this way, we make advanced measurement technology available and we can hardly wait until the product is on the market,” says Jonas.

34-year-old Christofer has studied technical physics at Umeå University, complemented with a degree in programming.

“It feels really rewarding to work in this field and the connection to sports appeals to me. It is also fun to get into a situation being in a starting pit before launch. I think this can become really big,” says Christofer who starts his new job after midsummer.

He will be responsible for Photon Sports .NET software.

26-year-old Folke has a master's degree in technical physics from Umeå University. During his studies, he did degree project at Photon Sports and is well acquainted with the product.

“My thesis was about speeding up the image analysis algorithm that we use. I will work with the camera software for the product and the calculations that evaluate and give feedback to the athletes,” says Folke.

Jonas adds:

“It’s only been a short time, but Folke has already contributed. Our technology is advancing rapidly and we have made a major redesign of the interface with cloud support and technical improvements in measurement technology so that you can run tests much faster, with extremely short waiting times. This is especially important in teams, where a rapid flow of tests is required.”


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