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New co-op: Testing railroads way up north

Magnus Tjernstrom, RTN
Magnus Tjernström, Rail Test Nordic.

We are proud to commence a new collaboration with Rail Test Nordic, which is focused on services for the scheduled railroad testing site, located between Jörn and Arvidsjaur.

We estimate that a railroad testing site between Jörn and Arvidsjaur has the potential to gain the same value as the car testing facilities in Arvidsjaur and Arjeplog have. In addition to the regional impact, an increased precision and efficiency of passenger and cargo traffic could have a great positive impact on the rail industry at large.

The ambition of Unboxx is primarily to contribute to the development of Rail Test Nordics value offering.

– We are thrilled about this cooperation, which we see as a vital component of our mission to evolve the organization, says Magnus Tjernström, Rail Test Nordic.


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