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Lyftkroken becomes Lundmark Safety Technologies

The innovation company Lyftkroken, based in Skellefteå, has changed their name to Lundmark Safety Technologies and aims at an international market.

“We want to establish a brand associated with safety and quality. And of course, the new name’s connection to the company heritage is a bonus” says Tobias Norrfors, business developer at Unboxx.

Lyftkroken is also the name of the company’s premier product, developed to meet the demand from industry for flexible and ergonomic handling of big bags. The rebranding was initiated to differentiate the product from the company, which is on the verge of an international launch.

Tobias Norrfors

“With our products and our new brand we want to build a strong brand image in Europe, and later, the USA. We see potential in the private and public sector, where safety products are in demand.”

The handling of big bags is a fast-growing market with worldwide potential.

"Our safety products are a perfect match for preventing accidents and improving day-to-day work ergonomics when handling big bags. Our timing could not be better,” says Tobias.

The agency Oh My was brought in as an external consultant to define the new brand. In that process, the new name Lundmark Safety Technologies was developed to set the structure for all parts of the brand, resulting in a new, more internationally compatible logo and visual identity. The new name also provides a direct connection with founder and innovator Staffan Lundmark.

“We were very pleased. This is exactly what we wanted – a modern brand image conveying safety and quality. The whole package feels both interesting and exciting. Our new website together with our new brand strategy makes a stable foundation to take the next step,” says Tobias.

Lundmark Safety Technologies is also in the middle of the recruitment process for a sales CEO.

“With a sales CEO in place we can make the tasks in the company more concrete. The goal to grow internationally and to develop sales and marketing, will be something for the new CEO to focus on together with the team at Unboxx, while Staffan can focus on creating new products,” says Tobias.


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