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Lyftkroken and Unboxx collaborate to scale up

Skellefteå-based incubator Unboxx continues to find exciting collaborations. Most recent is Lyftkroken Skellefteå AB, which develops and manufactures safe lifting devices.

“There is a large market for Lyftkroken's products. We are developing a new marketing strategy to scale up the business, and we will also recruit a CEO for the company”, says Tobias Norrfors, business developer at Unboxx.

The founder of Lyftkroken, innovator Staffan Lundmark, has developed products that make heavy lifting safer and more ergonomic. One, named as the company, is used in the transport of so-called big bags, which are becoming increasingly common at, for example, construction sites and in agriculture. Four hooks are attached to the forks of a tractor, which allows big bags to be easily lifted and kept open and remain on the fork if the driver needs to make a sudden stop.

Another product is the X-lift, intended for cranes and crane trucks and facilitates lifting of big bags, pallets, and other goods. It weighs only 15.4 kilograms and consists of three parts that are easily assembled and disassembled, which means that it takes up little space when not in use.

Tobias Norrfors sees great potential in Lyftkroken's products.

“They definitely have a global area of ​​use, both in the private and public sector. Unfortunately, workplace accidents in the construction industry happen too often around the world, and Lyftkroken contributes to a better and safer work environment. The products are validated and CE-marked and no competing product has the same flexibility and low weight”, he says.

Unboxx will primarily help Lyftkroken with business development and marketing.

“A rebranding has begun, and we will raise capital for an international investment. Our goal is to scale up as soon as possible. Discussions are also ongoing with CEO candidates”, says Tobias Norrfors.

Staffan Lundmark is excited about the collaboration with Unboxx.

“I can focus on product development and Unboxx adds skills on the sales and marketing side. Together, we will be able to take market shares and build a growing and profitable company”, he says.


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