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Great success as Photon Sports opens to investors

Jonas Sjöberg, Photon Sports (Photo: Patrick Degerman)

The interest in Unboxx startup Photon Sports is great. In total, more than SEK 8 million has been added to the company after opening up to investors.

– We have a very strong belief that this product will reach the market. It is a world-unique system and the possibilities are limitless, says Hanna Marklund from Unboxx.

Hanna Marklund

Photon Sports joined the Unboxx family in 2020, with the goal of launching into the football industry. To take the next step in the process of reaching the market, the company opened to investors at the end of 2020.

The response has been strong. In total, almost SEK 8.5 million was received, with Partnerinvest and Treac Innovation being main investors, along with Unboxx.

We are investing more than SEK 1 million in Photon Sports ourselves. This is a unique investment, and it speaks volumes about the possibilities we see in the product.

Since this autumn, Unboxx co-owner Hanna Marklund is a member of the Photon Sports' board. She has also joined as a partner in the company.

– This is a regional company that has every opportunity to reach globally with its product and we have a strong belief in the business idea. That’s why it feels so exciting to contribute to the long-sightedness required to build a great company, says Hanna.

The product is a 3D solution for measuring speed, agility and power in athletes, initially football players. Development right now has reached an exciting phase. Over 20 000 hours have been invested to develop the product due to be launched during 2021.

Photon Sports’ measuring tool is mobile and user-friendly, which means that it can be used in everyday training, on the football field or in the training facility. This means the athlete doesn’t need to travel to get measured.

Soon the first measuring tools will be sent out to test customers to get input that can lead to further refining of the product before launch.

– I know from my own experience what a great tool it is for football players – both at the youth level and the professional level. Being able to make available new and affordable technology to find out which training really works will be very useful, says Hanna.

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